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Talisha fighting for Ward 6 in the news: 


Bill would help small businesses losing revenue due to Purple Line construction

"One, working to ensure that there are some tax breaks, that businesses are able to take advantage of and two, to try to get grant funds available to businesses," says Councilmember Talisha Searcy (Ward 6) of the legislation.



Takoma Park Votes To Phase Out Fossil Fuels

The resolution passed 5 to 2, at a city council meeting on March 4. Council member Talisha Searcy, one of the no votes, urged careful consideration of the cost. “It is very easy to continue to say, the city can come up with the funds. But you know where the city’s funds come from? They come from you,” she said, indicating residents in the audience. “It is important that what we do is rooted in reality enough, such that we are not creating an enclave of exclusivity because the cost to live here is too great.”



Takoma Park mulls over important legislative priorities

Searcy made a point to emphasize Opportunity Zones, a program that provides “federal tax incentives for investment in distressed communities over the next 10 years,” according to the state. She also expressed the need for more incentives in these zones, based on her experiences.

“One of the things that I’ve learned about the opportunity zone process is that its kind of like a tiramisu; you need incentive on top of incentive on top of incentive on top of incentive to make that whole thing delicious enough for someone to come along and take on the project, and so what we need is more cream,” said Searcy.



Takoma Park City Council starts tree ordinance review

The idea of credits for trees already on a property was also raised. Councilmember Talisha Searcy (Ward 6) brought up a plan of potentially giving a homeowner credit for trees already on their property to count against replacement trees in the future and incentivizing residents to plant them.

“We tend to enforce through penalties and not through the necessary carrots. We might want to think about giving people credits for having trees already on their property,” said Searcy.



How A Takoma Park Development Debate Became A Proxy War Over Gentrification And The City’s Identity

 A 1.4-acre plot of land east of downtown Takoma Park has long been eyed for development. While a neighborhood food co-op has sat on part of it for 20 years, a new plan to redevelop the space envisions restaurants, cafes, a parking garage and office space. Supporters are interested in providing the city with new amenities and broadening the tax base, but opponents wonder if this plan for more upscale businesses reflects well on a city which has been considered a diverse and inclusive haven by its residents. Kojo discusses the plan for Takoma Junction with members of the community. 

Committee to Elect Talisha Searcy for City of Takoma Park City Council (Ward 6)
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